OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v2.6

OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v2.6 (COMING SOON!)

The OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v2.6 is a comprehensive reference generated directly from the OpenSceneGraph source code using enhanced Doxygen files. It documents all public classes and function parameters available in the three core OpenSceneGraph libraries: osg, osgUtil, and osgDB. The reference manual also includes a succinct overview of OSG for new developers. Updated in this edition is a complete guide to OSG environment variables - the previously undocumented (but very useful) knobs by which you can control any OSG application.

This book documents v2.6 of the OSG core and includes a summary of changes to the API from v1.2.

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This book prints in soft-bound black and white or as an electronic download (pdf) and is 640 pages in length.

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