Blue Newt Software and Skew Matrix Software Partner to Supply OpenSceneGraph Products and Services

Louisville, Colorado, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 12, 2007 

Bob Kuehne of Blue Newt Software and Paul Martz of Skew Matrix Software have joined forces to provide OpenSceneGraph (OSG) documentation and training. This collaboration has already resulted in the immediate availability of a new OSG book, the OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v1.2, and registration is now open for an intermediate OSG developer course.

"The partnership between Paul Martz and Bob Kuehne and their commitment to providing documentation and training is great news for the OpenSceneGraph project and its growing community of commercial and non commercial users," said Robert Osfield, OpenSceneGraph project lead. "To these tasks they bring a wealth of experience in cutting edge computer graphics and scene graphs. Between them they have over a decade of involvement in the OpenSceneGraph project as both users and contributors."

OSG Documentation
To supplement the release of the OpenSceneGraph Quick Start Guide, Bob and Paul have published a new book, the OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v1.2. Generated directly from the OpenSceneGraph v1.2 source code using enhanced OSG Doxygen output, the manual documents many of the methods and enumerants in the three core OSG libraries: osg, osgUtil, and osgDB. The softbound book is available for purchase now from

A second book, the OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v2.0, will be
released shortly  after OSG v2.0 becomes available. It will include
documentation for the new core library,  osgViewer.

Bob and Paul will coauthor and publish an additional book in the OpenSceneGraph Programming Series, the OpenSceneGraph Programming Manual, planned for publication in spring 2008. Bob is the coauthor of OpenGL Programming on Mac OS X and Paul is the author of OpenGL Distilled and the OpenSceneGraph Quick Start Guide.

OSG Training
Developer training includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in OSG and OpenGL application development and application tuning. Bob and Paul have several years of OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph experience. Their complimentary skill sets include 3D graphics application performance tuning, design and debugging skills, and knowledge of modern graphics hardware and device drivers. Both public and private courses are available.

The first OSG course under this partnership will be a public course in conjunction with the Terrain Summit 07 conference in Huntsville, Alabama. For course registration information, visit the following URL:

For information on the Terrain Summit 07 conference, visit the following URL.

About the Companies
Blue Newt Software LLC exists to help customers solve their toughest graphics problems. Blue Newt has assisted numerous clients achieve more realism, performance, and insight with their 3D graphics applications. Blue Newt was founded in 2003 to focus modern software development techniques, languages, and toolkits on improving 3D graphics applications.

Skew Matrix Software LLC provides 3D graphics services, such as software development, technical writing and editing, and developer training. Skew Matrix Software specializes in 3D graphics software development using OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph.

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